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Editing tweets will be impossible

by Adam Green on December 17, 2013

in Tweet Aggregation,Twitter API

The idea is floating around that Twitter will allow users to edit their tweets, possibly for a limited period of time. I agree with the desire for this feature, but it won’t work. Once a tweet is published, copies of it are delivered in real-time to thousands of data collection scripts capturing tweets with the […]


I have a bad habit acquired from my years as a Dot Com CTO. When the time comes to pick a server for a new project, I always overbuy. I’d rather pay a hundred dollars more per month then have a server that can’t take the load. One of the driving forces behind this decision […]

This week we got crushed by the State of the Union speech. We normally get about 30,000 to 50,000 tweets per day in the database, and our largest server can handle that without any showing any appreciable load. During the SOTU tweet volume exploded. We got 500,000 tweets in about 4 hours. I was […]

We’ve been working on a college football recruiting site called for a couple of months, and the most interesting aspect of the technology behind this site is the quality control algorithm I had to develop. Most of the tweet streams we work on, such as, are based on collecting tweets for either a […]

Our work with Twitter and politics has now moved beyond the 2012 election. We just set up a tweet collection database to track the Occupy Wall Street movement. It uses the 140dev framework to collect all tweets containing #ows, #occupy, and #occupywalllstreet. This will be used to document our tools and methodology to automate a […]

The thing I find so great about doing Twitter consulting is the wide range of vertical applications that are completely open for new development. One of them is higher level education. We’ve just launched a new site called Social Studies that applies the techniques of tweet aggregation to help students study collectively. This work was […]

Part of the sales process for Twitter consulting is convincing a new client that Twitter is more than just another way to broadcast their message. You have to show them that what appears to be a random stream of tweets is really a collection of highly qualified sales prospects. By aggregating Twitter users as well […]

There is an interesting thread on the Twitter development list about the need for a “good citizen” rank. This problem is approached in a literal engineering way, which says there are good and bad users. There are plenty of Twitter behaviors that could be seen as “bad,” but the beauty of Twitter is that it […]

A good Twitter consultant needs to spend a lot of time educating new clients in the real value of Twitter and how to interact with users. Most people who aren’t regular users think that Twitter is just another broadcast advertising medium. It is easy to see why they think that when you look at how […]