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Automated Tweets

Learn how to send Tweets through the Twitter API with PHP

The Twitter API makes it easy to create bots and other forms of Twitter automation.

I had an unfortunate experience the other day when I tried helping someone out with a Twitter API question on a developer Q&A website. I won’t list the site’s name or URL, because I see no reason to give them even more traffic. What I want to do is point out some ways of using […]

One of the oddest behaviors on Twitter is spammers who think they can persuade people by blasting the same message over and over again through multiple accounts. Yesterday I looked at the Twitter search results for the phrase “twitter api”. I found hundreds of copies of these two tweets from dozens of accounts: The Twitter […]

There is an interesting thread on the Twitter development list about the need for a “good citizen” rank. This problem is approached in a literal engineering way, which says there are good and bad users. There are plenty of Twitter behaviors that could be seen as “bad,” but the beauty of Twitter is that it […]

The amount of time it takes to manage an active Twitter account is one of the major hurdles in getting clients to use Twitter effectively. The best approach is to create an automated tweeting system to ensure a steady flow of product and corporate messages, and then supplement these tweets with hand written ones. Automated […]