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Collecting #OWS tweets with the 140dev framework

by Adam Green on October 24, 2011

in 140dev Source Code,Tweet Aggregation,Twitter Politics

Our work with Twitter and politics has now moved beyond the 2012 election. We just set up a tweet collection database to track the Occupy Wall Street movement. It uses the 140dev framework to collect all tweets containing #ows, #occupy, and #occupywalllstreet.

This will be used to document our tools and methodology to automate a Twitter engagement campaign. In this case we’ll be building up a new political account we started called @4more. You can follow this work on our blog.

Update, 1/21/12: The tweet flow for #OWS has dwindled down to a point where it isn’t worth tracking, so we’ve turned this system off for now. Hopefully the Occupy movement will become active again in the spring.

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