Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Hire 140 Dev for Twitter API Consulting

We are available for short and long-term development and marketing projects based on the Twitter API. This can range from advice on code and database architecture to a full tweet aggregation database or custom Twitter client for your website. We can also create and manage a social media marketing campaign based on Twitter, which generally includes strategy for growing and managing a successful commercial Twitter account, custom tools for tweeting and building followers, and detailed plans for integrating Tweets into a website for SEO benefits.

We focus on developing web-based code on Linux servers using PHP, MySQL and Javascript, with a particular fondness for jQuery. We can architect your code and database, write the code needed to collect Tweets and manage a Twitter account through the API, and integrate the results into your web pages. We can also create a web service for this functionality that your regular website developers can call from their own code.

The simplest way to get started is to call or email to schedule an initial 30 minute consultation.

We are based in the Boston area, and are available for regular meetings in this region during the course of a development project, although all coding work will be done on a telecommuting project. Outside of the greater Boston area all communication will be done through phone and email.

We can be reached by phone at 781-879-2960 or email at