Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Server configuration

Now that I’ve upgraded the streaming API framework to make it easier to manage keyword tweet collection, the next step is handling the increased data flow that results from more keywords. One simple solution is to upgrade your server. MySQL loves as much RAM as it can be given, and switching to a solid state […]


I’ve been spending the last few days helping people install the latest version of the streaming API framework. This has reminded me of how many moving parts there are, and how this can get in the way of building a mental model of what is actually going on. One of the biggest confusions seems to […]


I have a bad habit acquired from my years as a Dot Com CTO. When the time comes to pick a server for a new project, I always overbuy. I’d rather pay a hundred dollars more per month then have a server that can’t take the load. One of the driving forces behind this decision […]