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Since the announcement of the Twitter-Gnip partnership, there have been lots of news stories and blog posts stating that this is the end of the independent developer, because there is no more free Twitter data. This is completely wrong. You can get all the Twitter data you need, as long as you don’t want *all* […]

It may be my age, but I’m confused when I read that Twitter is somehow evil by acting competitively towards their developers, or that there is no future in being a Twitter developer. I think what they mean is that Twitter is becoming increasingly competitive with developers who try to replace But isn’t that […]

I had an unfortunate experience the other day when I tried helping someone out with a Twitter API question on a developer Q&A website. I won’t list the site’s name or URL, because I see no reason to give them even more traffic. What I want to do is point out some ways of using […]

One of the oddest behaviors on Twitter is spammers who think they can persuade people by blasting the same message over and over again through multiple accounts. Yesterday I looked at the Twitter search results for the phrase “twitter api”. I found hundreds of copies of these two tweets from dozens of accounts: The Twitter […]

Part of the sales process for Twitter consulting is convincing a new client that Twitter is more than just another way to broadcast their message. You have to show them that what appears to be a random stream of tweets is really a collection of highly qualified sales prospects. By aggregating Twitter users as well […]

I went to the OpenCoffee meetup in Cambridge the other day. They all recognized the importance of Twitter, but don’t understand how to make money from it. We are exactly where we were in 1996 with the World Wide Web when I helped start Great point in the cycle. So here is my quick […]

I wrote a post last week about building a maintenance plan into any Twitter consulting agreement. One of the reasons I gave then was the continuing evolution of the Twitter API. It is a certainty that this code will continue to change, and many of these changes have the potential of breaking your code. This […]

It’s been six months since Fred Wilson advised Twitter developers to stop “filling holes” in Twitter. That blog post raised a huge outcry from developers that Twitter was changing the rules in the middle of the game. Well, yeah, they were, but the rules are going to keep changing all the time. What I found […]

A good Twitter consultant needs to spend a lot of time educating new clients in the real value of Twitter and how to interact with users. Most people who aren’t regular users think that Twitter is just another broadcast advertising medium. It is easy to see why they think that when you look at how […]

Part of the education process that a Twitter consultant has to do with a new client is explaining that a Twitter app is not the same thing as a typical website. Web pages that are built on the Twitter API have to be monitored constantly, and the code has to be tweaked often. This is […]

One of the first things I work on with new clients is helping them to learn the vocabulary people use on Twitter. Clients who use the Web for marketing are very aware of the search terms that are most effective for ads and SEO, and they expect the same phrases to be used on Twitter. […]

I just finished a tutorial on the proper way to use aggregated tweets for maximum SEO benefits, and I thought I should also write about the way to sell this benefit to clients. While most potential consulting clients recognize the effect Twitter has had on pop culture, they aren’t aware of how they could benefit […]