Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

140dev Member Page: Free Twitter source code and ebooks

Twitter API Engagement Programming book
The source code for this book is available for download on its own page.

Streaming API Framework
Online Documentation | Download Source Code for Database Server | Download Source Code for Display Plugin

Free ebook on Javascript Programming for Twitter API 1.1
PDF File | Source Code | Blog Post

  • jQuery tutorial
  • Ajax tutorial for client-server programming
  • Getting a user timeline with Javascript
  • Getting the results of a Twitter search with Javascript
  • Creating a complete Twitter search app with proper tweet display formatting

Free ebook on single-user Twitter OAuth programming
PDF File | Source Code | Blog Post

  • Create your first Twitter application
  • Set up OAuth tokens for single-user access
  • Connect to the Twitter API with the tmhOAuth library
  • Posting tweets through the API
  • Looking up complete account details for any Twitter user
  • Converting Twitter API docs into working PHP code
  • Debug and test any API request with your own API console

“Learning Twitter API Programming” talk presented at Boston PHP Meetup:
PDF File | Blog Post