Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Data Mining Tweets

There’s gold in databases of aggregated tweets, if you know how to find it. Learn how to data mine tweets for sales leads, hot trends, stock tips, etc, using the Twitter API and PHP.

This is a question I frequently get asked by new clients. They know there is a Twitter API available to collect tweets, but they have no idea how the results differ from just asking for tweets with I’ve recently explained the fact that a tweet database lets you create a long-term store that cannot […]

Lots of people ask us to build databases of tweets, but they seem to miss the fact that along with the tweets you can also collect an amazing database of people. Data about the people who tweet is the proverbial low hanging fruit. The Twitter API gives you the complete profile of the author of […]

Most of the Twitter consulting I do involves some form of tweet collection and storage in a database. Even when clients approach me with this in mind, they hardly ever realize just how valuable tweet data can be. In fact, it is priceless in the truest sense of the word, because there is no way […]

Part of the sales process for Twitter consulting is convincing a new client that Twitter is more than just another way to broadcast their message. You have to show them that what appears to be a random stream of tweets is really a collection of highly qualified sales prospects. By aggregating Twitter users as well […]

I went to the OpenCoffee meetup in Cambridge the other day. They all recognized the importance of Twitter, but don’t understand how to make money from it. We are exactly where we were in 1996 with the World Wide Web when I helped start Great point in the cycle. So here is my quick […]

There is an interesting thread on the Twitter development list about the need for a “good citizen” rank. This problem is approached in a literal engineering way, which says there are good and bad users. There are plenty of Twitter behaviors that could be seen as “bad,” but the beauty of Twitter is that it […]