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Twitter API Ebook: Javascript Programming for Twitter API 1.1

by Adam Green on February 6, 2013

in Javascript,Twitter API Tutorials

Javascript programming for Twitter changes dramatically with Twitter API version 1.1. The requirement to use OAuth with every API request means that you can no longer call the API directly from Javascript. Instead you have to rebuild all your Javascript code to proxy your requests through your own server.

I know that a lot of Twitter programmers don’t know how to program this way, so I’ve written a new ebook to explain this coding method. It is available as a free PDF download on our members page. You can also get the source code for all the examples in the ebook there as well.

I do my Javascript coding with jQuery on the client side and PHP on the server, so the ebook covers everything you need to know to create Twitter apps using these two languages.

Here are the topics covered:

  • jQuery tutorial
  • Ajax tutorial for client-server programming
  • Getting a user timeline with Javascript
  • Getting the results of a Twitter search with Javascript
  • Creating a complete Twitter search app with proper tweet display formatting

I’ve also created a new Google Group for questions and discussions of the issues raised by this ebook.

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