Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Twitter consultant

When new Twitter consulting clients ask me to plan a tweet collection database, the first question they always ask is how much it will cost. I can give them a rough estimate for the cost of my programming time based on their desired features, but it is impossible to know how much server power they […]

Lots of people ask us to build databases of tweets, but they seem to miss the fact that along with the tweets you can also collect an amazing database of people. Data about the people who tweet is the proverbial low hanging fruit. The Twitter API gives you the complete profile of the author of […]

A good Twitter consultant should start any discussion with a potential client by reviewing the Twitter API rate limits on the features they want. This is really a case of form follows function. Twitter has defined what developers should be doing through their wide range of rate limits, and you better pay attention to them […]

Most of the Twitter consulting I do involves some form of tweet collection and storage in a database. Even when clients approach me with this in mind, they hardly ever realize just how valuable tweet data can be. In fact, it is priceless in the truest sense of the word, because there is no way […]