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Twitter posted a notice today about the need for new SSL certificates: At the end of 2013, all Browsers and Certificate Authorities will no longer support 1024 bits RSA certificates to be compliant to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines [1]. The SSL certificate currently used on is signed with the older […]


Twitter has announced that they will be turning off basic authentication for the Streaming API on May 7th. I’m preparing a new version of the 140dev Framework to use OAuth now, and will have it posted tomorrow. That will be good for new users of this code, but if you already have the code in […]

My Twitter OAuth ebook has been out for 2 weeks now, and I’ve had a chance to help a lot of people get over the hump of running their first OAuth code. I’ve collected a list of the most common problems they have: No callback URL When you create an app, Twitter has an input […]

My Twitter OAuth ebook closes with the source code for an API Console application. This app got such a favorable response that I decided to enhance it and put it out as a free tool. I have found this to be an invaluable debugging aid when testing an API request. It lets you enter just […]

For years now there has been a steady stream of requests, demands, pleas, and threats over the issue of getting user email addresses from the Twitter API. This thread is just one of many on the subject. The simple fact is that it ain’t gonna happen. No way, not ever. It’s pretty funny to see […]

I’ve been having some Twitter discussions with devs about the breakage version 1.1 will cause for client-side Twitter apps. The simplest way to say it is that every page that uses direct Javascript calls to the Twitter API will break when version 1.0 is turned off in March. The only way you will be able […]

This free ebook covers everything you need to use OAuth from a single Twitter account. It is available as a free PDF download on our members page. You can also get the source code for all the examples in the ebook there as well. Here are the topics covered: Create your first Twitter application Set […]

One benefit of running an app within is that it will eliminate the need for the OAuth dance. That is the complex exchange that goes on between a website and the Twitter API when the user logs into Twitter through the website. This communication is necessary to deliver a set of authorization keys that […]