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Danny Sullivan on the SEO value of tweets

by Adam Green on December 4, 2010

in Twitter SEO

Danny Sullivan was one of the first SEOs. He is so well connected to the world of search that Google actually answers his questions about “the algorithm”! So when Danny makes a statement about Twitter and SEO I pay attention. His latest article about Twitter’s effect on SEO makes fascinating reading. I’ll summarize some of […]

I went to the OpenCoffee meetup in Cambridge the other day. They all recognized the importance of Twitter, but don’t understand how to make money from it. We are exactly where we were in 1996 with the World Wide Web when I helped start Great point in the cycle. So here is my quick […]

One of the first things I work on with new clients is helping them to learn the vocabulary people use on Twitter. Clients who use the Web for marketing are very aware of the search terms that are most effective for ads and SEO, and they expect the same phrases to be used on Twitter. […]

I just finished a tutorial on the proper way to use aggregated tweets for maximum SEO benefits, and I thought I should also write about the way to sell this benefit to clients. While most potential consulting clients recognize the effect Twitter has had on pop culture, they aren’t aware of how they could benefit […]

One of the toughest challenges in doing Twitter API consulting is convincing clients that they do indeed have to use Twitter. At this point everyone knows about Twitter, and has a general idea of what it does, but I keep finding that clients expect to treat Twitter apps like a normal, brochure-style website. They think […]