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Custom Twitter programming is the key to a more effective marketing program

Twitter marketing is a lot more than just posting tweets by hand. Learn how to automate your Twitter marketing through Twitter API programming with PHP and MySQL.

Lots of people ask us to build databases of tweets, but they seem to miss the fact that along with the tweets you can also collect an amazing database of people. Data about the people who tweet is the proverbial low hanging fruit. The Twitter API gives you the complete profile of the author of […]

Performance art or spam?

by Adam Green on November 25, 2010

in Twitter Marketing,Twitter Politics

Back in the day, when Twitter was just starting out, a lot of us recognized the performance art aspect of tweeting your day or taking pictures of a meal as you prepared it. But then we were actual people discovering our exhibitionist side. What do you call it when a character in a movie tweets […]

Part of the sales process for Twitter consulting is convincing a new client that Twitter is more than just another way to broadcast their message. You have to show them that what appears to be a random stream of tweets is really a collection of highly qualified sales prospects. By aggregating Twitter users as well […]

I went to the OpenCoffee meetup in Cambridge the other day. They all recognized the importance of Twitter, but don’t understand how to make money from it. We are exactly where we were in 1996 with the World Wide Web when I helped start Great point in the cycle. So here is my quick […]

I’ve learned that follower count is greatly overrated as measurement of influence and popularity on Twitter. I now use the frequency a user is mentioned in tweets containing specific keywords instead. I’ve written a new tutorial on calculating and apply this idea of mention count to identify influential Twitter users.

One of the first things I work on with new clients is helping them to learn the vocabulary people use on Twitter. Clients who use the Web for marketing are very aware of the search terms that are most effective for ads and SEO, and they expect the same phrases to be used on Twitter. […]

The amount of time it takes to manage an active Twitter account is one of the major hurdles in getting clients to use Twitter effectively. The best approach is to create an automated tweeting system to ensure a steady flow of product and corporate messages, and then supplement these tweets with hand written ones. Automated […]

One of the toughest challenges in doing Twitter API consulting is convincing clients that they do indeed have to use Twitter. At this point everyone knows about Twitter, and has a general idea of what it does, but I keep finding that clients expect to treat Twitter apps like a normal, brochure-style website. They think […]