Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Tweets make great content for any Wordpress site

The open source Twitter framework available on this site makes integrating Twitter into a blog as easy as clicking the name of a new plugin.

I rebuilt the code for the 104dev system using a WP-style architecture. As expected the messiest part was getting the directory paths right. I think the idea of putting most of the functionality into separate plugin directories will be a big win. There will be a very small core of tweet collection code and general […]

I’ve been thinking about how to prepare the tweet aggregation code used for the dev tweets page. I know that I want to add multiple modules to the system, and make it easy to customize the appearance of the tweet list. This sounds a lot like the WordPress model with plugins and themes, so I’m […]

I had an interesting time getting the Twitter developer tweets onto a WordPress page. I explored lots of different paths: My first attempt was to use a plugin called Exec-PHP. This worked fine as a way of getting the tweet list to appear on a WordPress page, because I have the display code callable by […]