Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

The future of Twitter

One benefit of running an app within is that it will eliminate the need for the OAuth dance. That is the complex exchange that goes on between a website and the Twitter API when the user logs into Twitter through the website. This communication is necessary to deliver a set of authorization keys that […]

Now that I’ve relaxed and decided to embrace the idea of apps in tweets, the possibilities are amazing. What it all comes down to is ecommerce from within a tweet. That is the game changer. Right now tweets are only a pointer, not a destination. I can tell someone about a great restaurant, or book, […]

“We want developers to be able to build applications that run within Tweets.” – @Sippey post on changes to Twitter API I’ve been through the usual round of emotions in reaction to one of Twitter’s periodic “adjustments” to the Twitter API access rules. Denial and anger took a few days. I tried bargaining with my […]

I’m a devoted Darwinian when it comes to biological and cultural evolution, so it is appropriate for me to view natural selection as the best product development strategy for Twitter as well. Twitter’s strength has been that it did less not more. Sure, it started with a simplistic friends and followers social graph, but that […]