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The next wave

“We want developers to be able to build applications that run within Tweets.” – @Sippey post on changes to Twitter API I’ve been through the usual round of emotions in reaction to one of Twitter’s periodic “adjustments” to the Twitter API access rules. Denial and anger took a few days. I tried bargaining with my […]

The thing I find so great about doing Twitter consulting is the wide range of vertical applications that are completely open for new development. One of them is higher level education. We’ve just launched a new site called Social Studies that applies the techniques of tweet aggregation to help students study collectively. This work was […]

What if the next wave isn’t a bubble?

by Adam Green on October 17, 2010

in The next wave

The Dot Com and Web 2.0 were classic bubbles, because they raised unreasonable expectations based on a financial fallacy. The unreasonable expectation was that anyone could get rich, and the fallacy in both cases was the belief that the money for these riches would come from a “greater fool.” At least in the Dot Com […]

Watch the losers for the next wave

by Adam Green on October 14, 2010

in The next wave

It’s easy to see that Web 2.0 is winding down. What isn’t clear is where the next wave will come from. The most likely place to watch for signs of another wave is the people who were displaced by the end of the current one. I’ve seen four technology waves since I got out of […]

It can be argued that AOL’s purchase of Time Warner in January of 2000 marked the exact end of the dot-com, and now I think they’ve done it again with their purchase of Techcrunch. For me Techcrunch, the blog that was written by Mike Arrington alone in 2005, was the reason I got back into […]