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I’ve been seeing a definite trend towards more and more Twitter staff responding to questions on the developer mailing lists. This is another in a series of positive signs for the future of the API. What I especially like is an apparent specialization by support staff, with some people seemingly assigned to specific areas of […]


Before the IPO I predicted that devs would be viewed as an asset, not just a burden. That change is happening right on schedule. Check out this NY Times article. The money quote: Twitter is counting on millions of websites to link to the service and encouraging legions of independent developers to find creative new […]


Since the announcement of the Twitter-Gnip partnership, there have been lots of news stories and blog posts stating that this is the end of the independent developer, because there is no more free Twitter data. This is completely wrong. You can get all the Twitter data you need, as long as you don’t want *all* […]

It may be my age, but I’m confused when I read that Twitter is somehow evil by acting competitively towards their developers, or that there is no future in being a Twitter developer. I think what they mean is that Twitter is becoming increasingly competitive with developers who try to replace But isn’t that […]

The smartest thing Twitter ever did was externalize their data through an API. It created an active third party community that supported Twitter when times were tough and they didn’t have the resources to develop clients for all the platforms that needed them. That developer community was based on the Web 2.0 business model, which […]

I’ve been thinking about how to prepare the tweet aggregation code used for the dev tweets page. I know that I want to add multiple modules to the system, and make it easy to customize the appearance of the tweet list. This sounds a lot like the WordPress model with plugins and themes, so I’m […]