Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant


I’ve been spending the last few days helping people install the latest version of the streaming API framework. This has reminded me of how many moving parts there are, and how this can get in the way of building a mental model of what is actually going on. One of the biggest confusions seems to […]


Twitter is upgrading the streaming API on January, 6th to require http 1.1 connections. This will break the Phirehose library that manages the API connection in my 140dev streaming API framework. If you’re running this framework code, it’s essential that you replace your copy of Phirehose in the next week or tweet collection will stop. […]

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I’m not the author of the Phirehose library for streaming API connections. I just use it as the network layer of my streaming API code. I don’t have the network coding skills to write this library’s code or to fix it, but I can encourage anyone using Phirehose or my 140dev Twitter framework code to […]


Twitter posted a notice today about the need for new SSL certificates: At the end of 2013, all Browsers and Certificate Authorities will no longer support 1024 bits RSA certificates to be compliant to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines [1]. The SSL certificate currently used on is signed with the older […]


The 2012 candidate system is going to need a more fault tolerant collection system. Since the Egyptian protest started Twitter has been even more unreliable, and this is affecting the connection to the streaming API. I use a monitoring system to warn me when tweet collection has stopped, but it hasn’t been necessary in the […]