Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

140dev Streaming API Framework

The 140dev streaming API framework is a free source code library written by Adam Green and released under the GPL. The framework code has been updated for API 1.1, and is compatible with the new requirement for using OAuth to make a streaming API connection. The goal of this code is to provide a greatly simplified interface to the Twitter Streaming API. The current version provides a tweet aggregation database, and a plugin for tweet display on any Web page. Additional plugins are planned for data mining, automated tweeting and account management. 140dev is written in PHP and Javascript, and uses the MySQL database for storage.

All of the interaction between the modules in this framework are through the database, which means that additional modules can be written in any language that has a MySQL interface. The flexibility and potential for expansion is the reason for calling it a framework. Other programmers can freely add modules in any language, all of which can cooperate and coexist in a single installation.

Please contact Adam () if you want to become a contributor to this open source project. You can discuss any problems you have with this code in its Google Group.

Twitter Database Server (download)

This is the core module of the 140dev streaming API framework. It uses the Twitter API to gather tweets for selected keywords and stores them in a MySQL database. The rest of the libraries are built as plugins that share information with this database server.

Twitter Display Plugin (download)

This 140dev plugin displays a formatted list of tweets on any Web page with a single line of PHP code. The plugin calls your copy of the Twitter database server, retrieves the most recent tweets, and returns them as formatted HTML. All tweet entities are rendered as links.