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Twitter Politics: Who gets to regulate Twitter?

by Adam Green on December 9, 2010

in Twitter Politics

Two groups on Twitter that have been ignoring each other are about to collide, and it won’t be pretty when they do. Politicians from world Presidents to American Congressmen have embraced Twitter over the last year, and now hacktivists are using Twitter to manage and promote the Wikileaks cyberwar. They are operating side by side, and it is only a matter of time that the hacktivists turn on the politicians. Twitter is known as being easy to hack, with false Tsunami reports in Indonesia as a recent example.

What happens when the hacktivists turn on the politicians directly and threaten to continually disrupt and take over the accounts of world leaders? What will the world do? Will the FCC be given control over Twitter, since it is a US company? Will UN resolutions try to control it? The WikiWar is fundamentally about communication and its use as a political tool/weapon. This is the logical progression from tweeting during the Iraq elections and using it to manage student protests in the UK. The bomb throwers and terrorists are next, and there are highly vulnerable targets on Twitter.

Politicians overreact when threatened. Their next threat will come from Twitter. This is going to get ugly.

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