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The Phirehose library needs some beta testers

by Adam Green on December 5, 2013

in Announcements,Phirehose,Streaming API

I’m not the author of the Phirehose library for streaming API connections. I just use it as the network layer of my streaming API code. I don’t have the network coding skills to write this library’s code or to fix it, but I can encourage anyone using Phirehose or my 140dev Twitter framework code to test the new version of this library. On January 6th, Twitter plans on switching from http 1.0 to 1.1 for the streaming API. I know what that means conceptually. The http header exchange and error code allow a client and server to talk to each other. That is the depth of my technical knowledge here. The result, if this isn’t fixed in time, is that my streaming API code and anything else using Phirehose will stop running.

The good thing is that once Phirehose is patched for this change, all you have to do is download a new version of the library into your app’s directory. Nothing in your code should change. Darren Cook has now written this Phirehose http 1.1 patch and needs people to help test it. Please add your findings to this thread on the forum.

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