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Download the latest version of Phirehose

by Adam Green on September 30, 2011

in 140dev Source Code

Twitter has finally converted the Streaming API over to SSL connections only. This means that your copy of the 140dev Framework will stopping connecting until you upgrade to the latest version of the Phirehose library. You can do this in two ways. You can either download the entire 140dev Framework file for the DB Server code. I have created a new zip file with the latest copy of Phirehose. You can overwrite the old files and then restart get_tweets.php on your server.

Or you can download the library directly from Phirehose page on Github. If you get the new file yourself, you need to save it as phirehose.php (note all lower case) when you add it to your existing 140dev framework installation. Just replace the old copy of phirehose.php and restart get_tweets.php. This should connect to the streaming API with no problems.

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