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Decisions about the tweet aggregation code

by Adam Green on October 13, 2010

in 140dev Source Code,Database Cache,Integrating Twitter with Wordpress,Tweet Aggregation,Twitter Developers

I’ve been thinking about how to prepare the tweet aggregation code used for the dev tweets page. I know that I want to add multiple modules to the system, and make it easy to customize the appearance of the tweet list. This sounds a lot like the WordPress model with plugins and themes, so I’m going to adopt a similar code architecture. If I do this right, others will be able to add their own plugins and themes. I also want to make installation as drop dead simple as possible. Finally, I’m going to call the code base 140Dev. I already use this name for the company and site. Why bother coming up with a new product name, only to have to rename the site and company to match the product later? And so it begins…

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