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Getting email addresses from OAuth login

by Adam Green on January 17, 2013

in Email collection,Twitter OAuth

For years now there has been a steady stream of requests, demands, pleas, and threats over the issue of getting user email addresses from the Twitter API. This thread is just one of many on the subject. The simple fact is that it ain’t gonna happen. No way, not ever. It’s pretty funny to see how angry devs get when they discover this. The better part is the reasons they give for having to get these addresses. They just want to get to know their users better.

It’s hard to say never when it comes to Twitter’s decision making process, but on this issue, I think never is never. Just give it up guys.

The solution is easy. If you want to get a user’s email address, just ask for it. We do that for this site, and get a pretty good response.

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