Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Free Source Code: Twitter Display Plugin

This free source code library is a plugin for the 140dev Twitter framework that displays a formatted list of tweets on any Web page with a single line of PHP code. The plugin calls your Twitter database server, retrieves the most recent tweets, and returns them as formatted HTML. All tweet entities are rendered as links. The core Twitter database module must be installed and running for this plugin to work.

You can use the plugin in either static or dynamic mode. If you want a dynamic interface that continually updates a count of new tweets available and lets the user load older tweets by clicking a button, you can include the jQuery Javascript library and a custom Javascript file in the page that displays the tweets. If you don’t include these Javascript files, the tweets will load once when the page loads, but won’t have the dynamic features.

The tweets are formatted with a combination of text templates and a default CSS file. These files can easily be modified to create a customized version of your tweets that matches your existing website design.