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Twitter API Programming Tutorials

Javascript Programming for Twitter API 1.1

Twitter API 1.1 changes the basic model for Javascript access. Learn how to create a proxy server to adapt to these changes. Complete source code is included.

Get Started with Twitter OAuth and PHP

This free ebook will show you how to control Twitter OAuth for a single Twitter account. You’ll learn how to connect to the Twitter API to post tweets, look up user accounts, and run any API request. Free source code is also provided.

Identifying the best Twitter accounts for following

One of the account building services we perform for clients is building lists of suggested followers. Unless you are a celebrity, the only way to build a large follower list is to follow others. Twitter offers suggestions for follows, but you aren’t given any control over the criteria for selection. I recently built a list of thousands of Mommy tweeters for a client who wants to engage with this group, but the procedure I used can be applied to any demographic or interest group.

Identifying influential Twitter users

The key to getting your message heard on Twitter is identifying the most influential users in your area of interest and engaging with them. This tutorial shows you how to rank users in an aggregated tweet database based on influence.

Aggregating tweets: Search API vs. Streaming API

The Twitter API offers two methods of searching for tweets. Which is best for your programming needs?

Making aggregated tweets visible to Google for SEO

Displaying tweets on your web pages is a great SEO technique, if you do it correctly. Learn the best programming practices for maximizing the SEO benefits of aggregating tweets.

Advantages of a Twitter API database cache

The key to building a fast and reliable application with the Twitter API is using a database cache. This tutorial presents a tested architecture for this type of programming.