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Which is sillier, Twitter or MSM’s reaction to Twitter?

by Adam Green on November 27, 2010

in MSM on Twitter

Twitter is just a bunch of silly rumors and nonsense stories repeated endlessly. No, wait, that is just the articles coming out from the mainstream media about the latest pronouncements from Twitter execs. I can’t tell if Biz Stone and Dick Costolo are playing prank the media, but that certainly is the effect.

The press is now so obsessed with Twitter that everything Biz or Dick say creates a world-wide burst of news analysis from what should be serious newspapers. My favorite is Dick’s statement that he is trying to work out the long-term vision for Twitter, which is a perfectly normal thing for the new CEO of a company that is growing like crazy. This has turned into a mirror reflecting the view every news source has of Twitter. Most are playing the story as meaning that Twitter is as useless as they have always believed, or that Twitter has no idea why anyone would use their service. Could it be that these news services are a little bit jealous of any form of media that is growing in readership rather than collapsing?

Speaking of jealousy. Biz Stone sparked a frenzy of serious reporting when he said that the next step would be a Twitter News Service. Way to go Biz! That got them where it hurts. This was followed by another round of press saying that he hadn’t meant that at all.

Good work, Biz, Dick. I wonder who will win the bet?

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