Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Praying to @Twitterapi

by Adam Green on December 2, 2010

in Church of Twitter

The way people mention @Twitterapi in their tweets is really fascinating. The @Twitterapi account is meant for developers to receive updates on bugs and code changes at Twitter, and to redirect developer questions to the right resource. Yet a lot of the tweets that mention @Twitterapi are from regular users who have heard that @Twitterapi is some sort of direct path to the inner workings of Twitter. When things are slow, they beg @Twitterapi for more performance. When things break, they curse it. At times their tweets are imploring the great and powerful @Twitterapi to just make their life on Twitter better. We are only a few years into this, but I can imagine a Church of Twitter someday, where supplicants tweet their prayers to @Twitterapi. Politicians and celebrities will be the first congregants.

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