Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

FUD, Day 15

by Adam Green on July 14, 2012

in Twitter FUD

It’s now been 15 days since Sippey’s FUD bomb. There have been dozens of news stories and blog posts by developers trying to determine the meaning behind this message. The one thing we know for sure is that Twitter HQ has not said a single word in additional explanation. Anyone find any irony in the leadership of one of the world’s largest communication systems being unable to say anything about its plans? It can’t be that nobody at Twitter is aware of the controversy. I also can’t believe that 15 days of FUD was their goal.

Personally, I’ve gotten over my denial, anger and depression. Yeah, I’m more than a little peaved, but I’ve made good money from Twitter for 3 years now, so I’m willing to take the hit in business this FUD is causing. I also see some great opportunities coming from the development of apps within tweets. So I’ll ride this out and make money on the other side of the FUD.

I just can’t figure out why nobody at Twitter is able to say anything for 15 days. Very odd.

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