Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Twitter API Engagement Programming with PHP and MySQL

Now available on Kindle

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Now available on Kindle

“Glad to see such a focused book filled with useful recipes like this. The approaches to using PHP should be flexible and reusable for those continuing to work with the platform as it evolves.”

Taylor Singletary
Platform relations at Twitter

“Adam Green’s down to earth, no-BS style reflects the difference between a writer who has been assigned to write about the Twitter API and a developer who’s used Twitter’s API for years, warts and all, and has put in writing that hard earned knowledge.”

John Musser

Adam Green draws on five years of Twitter application consulting work and an additional 25 years of software development experience to create a unique blend of strategy and code in this book. Twitter API Engagement Programming is built around a set of time-tested source code for:

  • collecting tweets and users from the Twitter API on any subject
  • identifying the most influential tweeters on that subject
  • organizing opinion leaders and their followers to help spread your message.

Over the years Green refined a Twitter engagement methodology called “Collect, Identify, and Engage,” and used it to grow client accounts many times over in follower and retweet counts. The source code for this process is now made available here for anyone who can program in PHP with MySQL.

Green leads you through the reasoning behind all of the working code, explains how each script fits into the strategy, and why it will increase any account’s size and influence on Twitter.

The example scripts are easy enough for PHP novices to install as their first Twitter application. The entire set of code is released under the MIT Open Source license, so professional PHP coders can use this as a solid framework for their own Twitter applications.

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