Adam Green
Twitter API Consultant

Free open source code for

The source code displayed on these pages is available with the MIT Open Source License. I chose this license, because it gives you the most freedom to use this code. My goal is to encourage developers to build on this as the foundation of their engagement programming code. I plan to write a series of books on Twitter API programming, all of which will be able to integrate through common data and code structures. The source code for all of my Twitter books will be open sourced as well, so plan on a wide range of code being made available.

The list on the left side of this page is chapter headings from the book. You can click any chapter heading to view all the scripts, and then click the script to view it. From there, you will find lots of ways to navigate through the code.

My lawyer has asked me to spell out your only responsibility when incorporating this code in your own work:
The code here, when used in your products, should include an appropriate copyright notice and the text of the license (or a reference to the text of the license). An appropriate copyright notice would be shown anywhere where other copyright notices for included software are displayed, such as in "About" information, the source code itself, and related documentation about the product.